Crazykevy's Mod application

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Crazykevy's Mod application

Post  Crazykevy on Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:57 pm

How old are you (16+ please don't lie and be mature):15
What do you want to be under Mod or Admin?Mod
Are you willing to follow the rules?I May have broken one of the rules But i am very sorry for breaking it.But from now on i will follow all rules.
do you have any background knowledge of being staff?Yes i was Headadmin here before until i broke a rule.
Will you not abuse powers?During the time i was Headadmin i didnt abuse my power so why should i (if) get mod.
Will you help others in need?Yes I have actually helped alot of players.
I Know i probally wont get Moderator because i broke a rule but atleast i tried


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