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Admin Application

Post  DwarvenRabbit on Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:20 pm

I know I have already applied for Admin, but I am re-applying to see if I can convince you I am good enough to be an Admin Smile

How old are you (16+ please don't lie and be mature):16
What do you want to be under Mod or Admin?:Admin
Are you willing to follow the rules?:You already know I am and always will follow the rules Smile
Do you have any background knowledge of being staff?:I am a moderator on your server already and I have been staff on other servers but they shut down ._.
Will you not abuse powers?:I have never abused powers, and never will abuse them.
Will you help others in need?:Yes, I always do.
If you are found Abuseing or mistreating other players your rank will be revoked and you may have a chance to earn back the rank in time.

Thanks for reading Smile


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