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shawdust0017's Application

Post  shawdust0017 on Sat Dec 03, 2011 1:33 am

Shawderp here. I'm applying because I'm an active member who has common sense. And isn't that something that we could use a little more of in the administrative team.

1. How old are you (16+ please don't lie and be mature)
2. What do you want to be under Mod or Admin?
Well, there is no definitions of these roles. Whichever one the administration team would think suits me best.
3. Are you willing to follow the rules?
I already do.
4. Do you have any background knowledge of being staff?
Yes, I've been an admin on other servers prior to this one.
5. Will you not abuse powers?
No, I will not abuse my powers. That would be dumb, and a waste of my donation money to get banned.
6. Will you help others in need?
I already do! I answer any questions with mcmmo or the factions mod or just Minecraft in general. And I have a very good knowledge of McEdit and can help in any building projects if necessary.


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